Answer: Standard Single KG orders will be sent via UPS, USPS, or Fed Ex ground with a shipping time of 3 days. FREE SHIPPING for orders 2KG or more.Overnight is available, however, please contact our support email before purchasing: (

Answer: They are automatically sent to you after purchase. If you did not receive your confirmations, please check your spam/junk folder.

Answer: Please refer to the tracking link provided on the shipping confirmation. This confirmation is automatically communicated via SMS text and Email.

Answer: We plan to sell several brands outside of Filament Hub in the near future while promoting Filament Hub memberships to provide savings.

Answer: No! Our filaments are created using virgin premium resin and virgin ENGINEERING grade resin. This makes sure that produced filament remains pure and free of potential contaminants.

Answer: The goal of the membership is to help loyal clients and volume buyers save money. There are two tiers where each tier becomes more valuable for volume buyers. Before purchase, we recommend you estimate the number of filament KG's that you will use throughout the year and then do a little math to understand which tier is optimal for you!

Answer: Team Member: 8.99/month cost. 10% Discount at all Checkouts Gold Member: 19.99/month cost 16% Discount at Checkout + Welcome Package

Answer: We can ship internationally, however, please contact support prior to purchase :

Answer: 1.75mm

Answer: Atlanta, Georgia United States

Answer: No. We provide desiccant within the packaging and wrap the outside of our boxes with plastic wrap protects the packages from the elements.

Answer: Filament Hub SOLID is manufactured in the USA. Filament Hub (Basic) is manufactured in India.